Thank You to all sponsors, without them I wouldn't be able to fish as many tournaments.

Rich Valley Golf & Nolo's Bar and Grill are my main sponsor who provides me with entry fees, housing, and gas money. 

Thank You, Seaguar for the discounts on the world's best fishing line.  Their Tatsu fluorocarbon is invisible to the fish, and provides the best leader line available. Their Invizx provides the best baitcaster fluorocarbon available. 

Thank You, Rapala for the discounts on baits and hooks. Rapala makes the best crankbaits in their DT series, and all of the hooks provided are always sticky and sharp.

Thank You, Cam's Custom Baits  for the pro staff position, and for the great discounts and service you provide. The Ned heads and Ned rig baits are fish-catching machines that don't stop catching in any condition. His swim baits run straight and mimic local baitfish to a tee.  The service of customizing your baits is a major perk when trying to match the hatch on local food sources. 

Thank You, Nichols Lures for the discounts given on some of the best jigs ever made. Their Saber swim jigs will come through just about any piece of cover imaginable. Their Reflex buzz baits. are the superior buzz baits for catching bass from spring to fall.